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Books and Merch for fans of Gail R. Delaney, author, and her books. Gail writes contemporary romance as well as the Future Possible Saga SciFiRom series and the Baker Street Legacy suspense romance series. Like Paprika Spice books? We have the merch!!

  • The Future Possible Saga

    A compelling SciFiRom series set in on Earth in our not-so-far future. Some say our would-be benefactors are our salvation... others say they will be our doom.

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  • Baker Street Legacy

    MI6 Officer Grayson Holmes carries on his shoulders the weight of a daunting legacy, and on his heart the weight of a devastating loss. His name has brought admiration, disbelief, even scorn… and now, a far deadlier threat.

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  • Contemporary Romance

    Experience the flutter and rush of falling in love again and again with these standalone novels. Great for those who love a captivating romance without the commitment of a series.

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  • Inspired by a True Romance

    Gail grew up with a colorful and diverse childhood and with a great appreciation for romance and lifetime love stories. Feel My Love is the modern, fictionalized retelling of her parents' whirlwind love affair.

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