Collection: Future Possible Saga Books for Purchase

In the early years of the 21st Century, a race of aliens make First Contact with the governments of Earth with claims of being our ancestors and they want to be our benefactors. They look Human in all aspects. They speak our languages. On every biological level, they are us. They make promises of Utopia on Earth, to cure our diseases, to wipe out poverty and inequality, and to share with us scientific advancements we haven't begun to imagine. 

Desperate for a better world, a better life, we fall for it. 

There is a small portion of Earth's people who don't believe the promises of perfection. They are Phoenix, a dissident group of rebels determined to find the truth and expose the alien benefactors for who they truly are. Whatever that truth may be.

Now, mid 21st Century, Phoenix is a global organization with operatives in every part of society from medicine to government to science. They are close now to the truth. So close, the visitors from the stars want them stopped.