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Gail R Delaney Author

Feel My Love (paperback)

Feel My Love (paperback)

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Missy Colton still loves the husband she lost, and she sees him every time she looks into the faces of their four sons. Two years after Daniel's death, she moves her boys back to Oklahoma; her only plan to make a good life for her sons.

Lee Henry has only been home in Indian Prairie for a couple weeks, and is settling back into civilian life after several years serving in the Middle East. He has plans of taking over the family business and diving back into his love of country music by performing at the local bar a couple times a week.

A chance meeting before the blind date set-up neither one of them knew about leads to a breathtaking romance that surprises both Missy and Lee. Missy can't understand why a young man like Lee Henry would have the slightest interest in a thirty-something widow with four children, and Lee commits himself to convincing her age is just a number, and he's not just a country boy looking for a good time. Suddenly, "forever" sounds perfect.

Not everyone is thrilled with their apparent love-at-first-sight, the most vocal being Thayne Bingham, Missy's little brother. Will his anger and unmitigated disapproval of their affair be enough to drive them completely apart, or will Lee convince Missy to take a chance on a country boy who loves her -- and her sons -- with all he is?

Feel My Love is a fictionalized retelling in a contemporary setting based on the whirlwind love affair and marriage of the author's parents in 1969.


Format: Paperback

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Page Count: 250

Tropes or Topics: Hearing Impaired MC, Age Gap,

Fictional Retelling of Real Events

Sensitive Content Disclaimer: Past military service, loss of a spouse due to illness, family trauma, physical altercations, cheating (discussion of but not involving MCs), pregnancy and the mention of loss of a child from miscarriage. 



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